Saturday, 30 June 2012

App Marketing 101 at Google IO 2012

This past week was an amazing week at Google IO.  For those of you who weren't able to make it I put together a 60 minute preso on app marketing 101 for developers.  Here's a link to the presentation and for those of you interested in understanding more of the details on how to market your Android apps to consumers check out the full video below.  During this talk I covered:

- the traditional 4 P's and how they apply to app marketing (product, place, price, distribution)
- discussed specific examples of how to market your apps to consumers
- interviewed two top developers (Pocketgems, Storm 8) on how they approach product development and marketing)
- provided frameworks for how to build app marketing plans
- discussed the various business models used to monetize apps and addressed some of the key pitfalls around some of them
- talked about what affects consumers' decision to install apps and how developers can take advantage of this

Enjoy!  Also let me know if there is anything you didn't understand or if you have any questions.  If there's anything you'd like me to dig deeper into please shout!