Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Branding 101 for Start-ups

According to recent forecasts, advertising spend will exceed over $50billion in 2015 with the fastest growth coming from mobile.  With that marketers, particularly start-ups, face a daunting challenge:  how to reach users with a compelling message and cut through all the noise.

Today at the Yodlee Interactive bootcamp, I had a chance to share some learnings with aspiring fintech entrepreneurs and take them on a journey about branding.  What is branding?  Why is it important?  what kind of benefits can it bring my company? and more importantly:

How do I get started building a brand?  What's the process and who is involved?  Below is a short preso which attempts to answer some of these questions.  Make sure to download the file and check the slide notes which is where all the detail is.  I hope it helps you!

Download Here

stay Mad, stay foolish,

Mad Mork